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One of our most popular independent instructors we refer students to, Chris covers nearly all guitar types, with impressive nationwide guitar and performance experience. He has musical credits including live supporting acts for Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Autograph, Steve Walsh (the band Kansas, and Streets), and Ted Nugent. Chris is also an accomplished vocalist and studied with the esteemed Seth Riggs & Elizabeth Sabine. Recently Chris' band Fortress signed a record contract out of Las Vegas, NV. Whatever it is you want to study, Chris can teach it to you and make for a worthwhile musical experience. Chris is great with kids and adults alike; you'll love learning from him, right here in Orange County, CA.

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We draw from decades of learned experience and live performance. You can learn guitar anywhere, or learn from real pros that know how to teach. You'll either be placed with one of our instructors such as Keith, or referred within a valuable pool of independent instructors of whom we have a history of referring students and working with. You'll experience fundamentals as well as pure fun, in a packed learning environment, always focused on you. Beginners welcome!

Keith is fun to work with and can teach you songs you want to learn as well as really grow your musical knowledge base. He has many hours of live performance in front of large audiences, but can keep things simple and fun in a small lesson setting... showcasing blues, metal, popular rock, acoustic, worship styles - your choice! Whether you're a totally new beginner or have been playing awhile and want to get better, get in touch today and improve your musical experience!​​

KEITH J. - Acoustic, Electric, and Flamenco Guitar Lessons

A graduate of Cal State Fullerton in 1998, Keith specializes in just about every type of guitar imaginable and specializes in music theory and improvisation (guitar soloing). Keith also studied classical guitar at UW-Milwaukee and has had several instructors in Spanish Flamenco guitar including those trained in Spain. Keith also has a strong rock and metal background, and has understudied in various guitar clinics including those taught by Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Hamer of Hamer guitars.


We also draw on an additional independent instructors for different instruments including guitar, voice and piano, and will always strive to help refer you with a qualified, awesome teacher. These teachers are well-versed in rock, pop, the classics, and nearly everything in between whether it's acoustic or electric guitar. We work with some pro-level singers as well who are ready to instruct you. We carefully screen and select teachers so you're getting the right instructor to help you grow musically! Get in touch today for our latest openings!

CHRIS L. - All Guitar Types, Bass, and Classical Guitar Lessons

A lifelong musician from an early age, Chris is a true professional musician with impressive recording and stage credits. Reliable and entertaining, Chris has probably played more live gigs in his first five years than most musicians see in a "livetime". He has an impressive array of memorized songs, and can rock out with the best of them as well as slow it down for a quiet guitar ballad. Sign up directly with Chris for lessons and prepare for a fun and rewarding musical experience.

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