OC Guitar & Music Lessons

Let our experienced Orange County piano teachers grow your skill-set, together we'll take the next steps in developing your ivory techniques! Whether you like the old classics or the latest Sara Bareilles song, let our piano and keyboard instructors help you master them.

Our music teachers not only teach, they regularly sing and play professionally in live concert settings with years of experience.  And they can't wait to help you get better!

Learn from a pro who will meet you at your level. It's never too late to start so get in touch today and let's tickle the ivories!

Piano & Keyboard Lessons

"Without a piano... I don't know what to do with my hands..."

 - norah jones

You don't have to be the next Elton john to learn piano...

...Everyone starts somewhere. So start today and imagine where you'll be next year at this time.

the right instructor makes all the difference

A good instructor will keep this fun as well as informative.  If the material isn't fun you won't want to practice. Our instructors have the musical knowledge and academic background as well as lots of hours of real performance time for live audiences. We screen our teachers for skill and safety. So you get the best of everything in a fun, safe environment.

Piano and Keyboard Instruction Offered Here

You can choose the kind of music lesson you want. Learn the fundamentals and switch styles at any time. Not sure where to begin? Let our teachers lead the way, we'll start with piano fundamentals including proper fingerings, warmups and scales.  We cover all levels too, beginner to advanced.

Get in touch with us today!